Why Use a Contraflow Fireplace to Heat Your Home

So what is a contraflow fireplace? Who knows how to build one? Not me as of yet. The idea sounds interesting, though. With a huge pile of bricks in my front yard, I started my research. Turns out the idea, although it carries a very long and distinguished history, dovetails neatly with today’s green revolution. […]

Solar energy is our future

Adoption of solar energy has a simple market driving force. If people do not adopt solar energy, the planet will become unfit for human habitation. The fossil fuels are warming the planet at an increasing rate that makes life unsustainable if something does not change. Global warming drives solar markets. Solar is perceived as the […]

Husqvarna Unveils Hybrid Solar Electric Robot Lawn Mower

Husqvarna, the world’s largest producer of lawn mowers, is first to launch a hybrid robotic lawnmower. The new Husqvarna Automowerâ„¢ Solar Hybrid is powered by innovative and groundbreaking technology that combines solar power and electricity. “This is to take Automower to the next level with higher performance and further reduced impact on the environment,” says […]