Green Modular Homes Company Promotes Energy Efficient Home Designs

Modular homes are energy efficient home designs. Green home construction minimizes waste according to New Jersey green builder. With consumers hyper-sensitive to energy costs and becoming more environmentally conscious in general, most observers agree that green is the color of the future, for builders and buyers alike. Eventually, the home-buying public is going to demand […]

Energy House Built into a Laboratory

A traditional-style terraced house has been built inside a three-storey, sealed testing chamber at the University of Salford. In addition to its original brickwork and roof, the world’s first ‘Energy House’, is fully furnished and fitted as a typical working home with fully functioning water, gas and electricity supplies. The Coronation Street-style house – built […]

Greener Home with Blue in the Walls

This green home completed in 2008, can be found in Venice, California. The builder Tom Schey called it 737conserve. Even though this place is huge at 4500 sq.ft. of living space it has several green features worth noting. For starters the insulation is made by Ultratouch Recycled Denim which is non-toxic. The large solar array […]