Greener Home with Blue in the Walls

This green home completed in 2008, can be found in Venice, California. The builder Tom Schey called it 737conserve. Even though this place is huge at 4500 sq.ft. of living space it has several green features worth noting. For starters the insulation is made by Ultratouch Recycled Denim which is non-toxic. The large solar array […]

Why Use a Contraflow Fireplace to Heat Your Home

So what is a contraflow fireplace? Who knows how to build one? Not me as of yet. The idea sounds interesting, though. With a huge pile of bricks in my front yard, I started my research. Turns out the idea, although it carries a very long and distinguished history, dovetails neatly with today’s green revolution. […]

Eco Furniture

A lot of people shop at second-hand furniture and clothing stores to save money and to find interesting items that are no longer available in popular stores. However, the next time you shop at your local second hand shop keep in mind that you are also being an eco-friendly shopper. Furniture manufacturing companies have a […]